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Shallan Knowles – Mediator & Facilitator

Shallan Knowles Certified Mediator Spokane
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Why Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a flexible and affordable process to help you and the other party resolve problems.

What can mediation do?

~Help divorcing couples negotiate property settlements or devise a parenting plan in an affordable and fast process.

~Help you and a spouse/partner/friend/work colleague tackle persistent disagreements.

~Help individuals with a legal dispute (insurance claim, lease violation, employment issues, etc) settle that dispute and avoid expensive court costs and attorney fees.

~Help people plan together for major life commitments like marriage or writing a will or entering a long-term contract for care.

Our mediations are online, through video or voice conferencing. That means mediation is accessible for parties who are located far away from our office or from one another.

We listen to the issue and propose a process that will work for both parties

• For example, if you and another party want to settle a legal claim, and one or both parties has a lawyer, we look at your legal claims beforehand and set aside time for a shuttle mediation, with the parties in separate rooms.
• If you need to work something out with a roommate, or a colleague at work, we will set up an online meeting for face-to-face discussion with the parties and the mediator.
• If you need to complete a parenting plan, we will come to the mediation with the appropriate form and guide you and the other party to an agreement on how to fill it out.

Learn more about our areas of practice

Mediation is a practice that can be applied to any type of dispute. These are the most common types of disputes we mediate. If you would like to mediate other issues, please contact us.

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We work with you through the steps of changing your family structure or disputes with parenting plans that need updating.

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Working together is not only important for productivity, it's also important for personal satisfaction.

We work with all parties to make the process of mediation and accessing legal services easier and more comfortable. Send a message now to see if we are the right team to help you meet your needs.

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