Mediation Schedule & Process

Mediation Schedule

We schedule mediations online with zoom or in person at our office at 1312 N. Monroe in Spokane. The dates listed are currently available and will be removed once booked and deposit has been received.


Evening and Weekend appointments available for no extra charge, but by appointment only.

Available May Dates


May 27 (am or pm)


May 28 (am or pm)


May 29 (am or pm)


May 30 (am or pm)

Available June Dates

June 3 (pm)


June 4 (am or pm)


June 6 (am or pm)


June 20 (am or pm) 


June 24 (am or pm)


June 25 (am or pm)


June 26 (am or pm)


June 27 (am or pm)

Our Process

Mediation Schedule
  • Step one: We find a time that works for both parties. 
  • Step two: Parties sign the Agreement to Mediate.
  • Step three: An invoice for $50 per person will be sent. Once the deposit is paid the your date will be removed from our website. The $50 is a deposit and will be applied to your mediation. 
  • Step four: We will call to discuss the issues with both parties, develop and agenda and prepare for the mediation.
  • Step five: Mediation occurs. We try to stick with no more than three hours as parties can get tired, though we are happy to continue if both parties wish to continue. If an agreement is reached, the parties will sign the mediated agreement and receive a copy.
  • Step six: we finish billing and send instructions for next steps.