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We all have to work with people with different backgrounds and needs, and we often end up working with at least a few people we don’t like. But well-functioning teams can hold up through difficult times and even with strong rivalries, if team members feel they belong and feel their needs and concerns are being addressed.

Each workplace is different. We offer a free initial consultation, so that we can understand (1) your goals for your team, (2) the structure and values of your organization, (3) what you have already done to address any problems, (4) any legal concerns you might have, and (5) what your timeline and budget are for our services. We will then propose possible interventions, such as individual conflict coaching, facilitated meetings, and/or mediations, and explain our prices and deliverables for your case. 

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Conflict Coaching

Our conflict coaching services can be for individuals or for a group. We work through exercises to help people imagine different interactions and different approaches they can use for those interactions. For an individual coaching session, we might ask the party to imagine an actual workplace situation, things that they might do, and ways their co-workers might react. For a group, we might come up with our own hypotheticals, or work with your human resources department to develop hypothetical situations that are appropriate to your workplace. This allows people to work through problems in a safe place, brainstorm for options to address conflict, and try to play out consequences and think about how others will react.

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Workplace Mediation

Mediation sessions are particularly helpful when two or more specific individuals are struggling to work with one another and they need an agreement to move forward. Our philosophy of mediation is to simplify and negotiate.

How do we simplify? Parties who have been working together for some time often build up complex stories about what is going on with a coworker and what motivates them. They might start with a simple problem – like, my manager does not appreciate my contribution – and go on to develop elaborate strategies based on wrong assumptions – like, my manager is friends with my coworker and is trying to undermine me and promote them. By listening to parties in mediation, we identify underlying needs that, if met, will help the parties work together. We then help them brainstorm and negotiate for specific action items that will satisfy some of their needs. These go into a written agreement that the parties sign. As appropriate, we can schedule a follow-up session to check on whether the agreement is being upheld, or can leave the agreement for follow-up with human resources.

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Meeting Facilitation

Meeting facilitators work with your team to ensure your meeting is productive and efficient. This is done by the facilitator holding the space for all to participate and engage in the meeting to meet the goals of the agenda. We will work with you before the meeting to discuss the agenda and plan the schedule of events.

Types of meetings that can benefit from a facilitator:

Strategic planning meetings

Staff retreats

Policy development meetings

Stakeholder input meetings

Project design

General retreat facilitation

Team building and conflict resolution

Board collaboration and engagement.

Stakeholder meetings, large groups and small groups.

Strategic focus/Organizational change

Meeting Facilitation Costs:

Costs can vary due to the size of the group, location and content. Our rates range from $100 to $175 per hour. We are also happy to discuss your budget for meeting facilitation and find a way to provide facilitation that meets your needs, while honoring our time and skill. 

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