Landlord Tenant & Contracts

Areas of Focus

Landlord & Tenant

We mediate disputes between landlords and tenants to help find peaceful solutions. We also represent Landlords or Tenants and seek to settle or find a resolution.

Lease Agreements

Have a special situation? We can draft a lease agreement to fit your needs. We also offer standard lease packets.

Real Estate

Land use planning, real estate documents and agreements are complex. Let us help.

Contract Development & Contract Mediation

Contracts signed at Syringa Law & Mediation

For many situations, the agreement that comes out of mediation is a contract. Each side makes promises that they intend to be binding, and each party has something on the line, like money, liability, risk, or reputation. The parties want the agreement to be enforceable. They might even explain in the agreement what they would like to see happen if one party breaks a promise.


We can serve as a neutral third party and help you form a contract for a variety of situations. Our process includes:
(1) listening to your problem,
(2) conducting any necessary legal research to identify issues to be addressed in the contract,
(3) suggesting sessions with other parties to the contract to work out disputes,
(4) drafting a contract that all parties can support, and
(5) giving the parties time to consult their own advisors and legal representative and propose any changes to the contract.


Alternatively, we can serve as your legal representative and help you draft a contract for your particular situation. We have experience in residential leases, easements, and property settlements from divorces.

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